Account suspended due to overdue invoice, how to reactivate?

Shared Hosting / Virtual Server / Dedicated Server

Paying invoice on time is your responsibility! We have AUTOMATED SYSTEM, we generaly send invoice 10 days before due date and a reminder email 2 days before your due date, we send 1 overdue notice a day after and suspension notice at 2nd day of overdue invoice, your server/hosting service will be automatically suspended on 3rd day of invoice overdue for another 24-48 hours before our system terminate the service by cron process.

You can pay your invoice anytime during suspension and our system will automatically re-enable your service. All terminated service data will be deleted from our server with no means of recovery so we encourage you to always backup your data outside our network if they are important to you.

Paying Early

If you are going to be away and you wish to pay early you can pay in advance just contact us and we will generate invoice and apply the money in your account as credit, this will be automatically applied to your invoice once it is generated by the system. You can also convert from month to month to annual if you like saving you the hassle of meeting monthly due dates plus we normally give discounts or free months for prepaying in advanced.

Avoid Suspension because to overdue Invoice?

It is possible, just contact us if you are having issue making the due date payment forbecause of unforseen issues and we will arrange something for you by giving you a reasonable amount of time so you can make the payment with or without disrupting your service... we love hearing from clients and work something out rather than abandoning your account and risk your data be deleted by our automated system.


Why QuickWeb don't allow my invoice to go overdue up to 15 days without suspending or terminating my account/service?
Our service offerings are some of the lowest priced in the industry and server resources are limited we need to re-cycle those resources as quick as possible by re-allocating or reselling those to other customers to maintain our business productivity and competitive pricing. We have managed to achieve financial stability through efficient business operations so we do not want those expensive and limited resources sit idle, therefore you must contact us immediately if you want to renew your service but having financial difficulties to pay the invoice so we can give you little bit of leeway that's fair for both parties.

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