Kloxo Installation Guide


We have OpenvZ template with kloxo available using one click installer inside VPS Manager but incase you want to install it on your own follow the guide below, you need to have CentOS template installed before you can install kloxo, SSH to your server and login as root then run the following commands:

wget http://download.lxlabs.com/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-install-master.sh

sh ./kloxo-install-master.sh


Kloxo will install:

Web server:


Mail server:

courier (imap pop)
httpd (for webmail)



Database Server:


  • When your kloxo install is successfully you can login in to panel at yourip:7778  or https://yourip://7777  The default user name is- Admin and the password is – Admin (you should change this immediately)

If you need more details about configuring Kloxo control panel download this guide. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=w ... V06C0rl_Pg


Note: There is an issue installing Kloxo in Xen virtualization using installation guide above, for customers using Xen please consider installing CentOS+Webmin template available on VPSManager.

We do not provide in-house support for webmin and kloxo scripts for any script related issues you can search google or contact developer directly.

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